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What We Do

B.A.B.E.S. Inc., Respite & Counseling Services, a child abuse prevention program, is a 501 c (3), (fully tax-deductable) non-profit organization. The programs help to support families in Outagamie, as well as Winnebago, Calumet & Brown Counties. Respite services are available to parents who are experiencing stress or anxiety and need a safe and stable place of refuge for their children, while they renew themselves.

The B.A.B.E.S. Program is designed as a “positive time away” for children and as a respite for parents dealing with stress and struggling with life’s issues. We provide respite childcare, in times of crisis for the purpose of sustained mental wellness, at no cost to the young parent(s). Our goal is to foster self-respect, self-reliance, self-control and family values.

We are aware of the social problems, stigmas, and financial difficulties that accompany the task of single or youthful parenthood. Therefore, our services are provided on a no-cost, non-judgmental, first come, first served basis. B.A.B.E.S. Inc. provides virtually “barrier-free” assistance with dignity, to young families through community contributions.

In 2003, a second site was established in New London, B.A.B.E.S. really helps!

The existence of B.A.B.E.S., reduces situations that can sometimes result in child abuse and provide a positive impact on the “quality of life” for children and parents through:

  • Respite, defined as an interval of relief or rest. B.A.B.E.S. provides this service for parents up to the age of 27. Respite services as a tool for the prevention of child abuse, the stabilization of the families, and the creation of a healthy, safe environment.
  • B.A.B.E.S. Thinking Cap, an academic enrichment and support program designed to assist in the elimination of one of the “risk” factors contributing to unplanned pregnancy among adolescents. The academic component is effective in increasing educational success for children who may be considered “youth at risk”.
  • Just for Dads Club, a support group focused on the concerns of young fathers. The group meets twice a month.
  • M.A.P.S. (Mothers Accessing Parenting Skills), the parent education tool B.A.B.E.S. uses along with its counseling partner Lutheran Social Services, to provide education and fun, family-oriented activities for English-speaking parents.

Risk Factors for Teen Birth

A recent Child Trends review of the factors associated with teen parenthood identified four types of risk factors: Early school failure, early behavioral problems, family dysfunction, and poverty. These factors were assessed using data from the National Education Longitudinal Study. The number or risk factors present in the 8th grade was associated with the likelihood of having a child during the teen years. Each additional risk factor was related to a higher likelihood of a teen birth. B.A.B.E.S. Inc., works with these teen parents to promote positive parenting and prevent child abuse.

At a Glance

In 2007 B.A.B.E.S.

  • Impacted 2,229 lives
  • Youngest parent assisted was 15 years old
  • Youngest child in respite care was 2 weeks old
  • Instances of Services Provided 1,520

Did you know?

  • Every 13 seconds an American child is reported abused or neglected
  • Between 35%-40% of abused children come from “middle class” median income families.
  • 15% of all births in Outagamie County are born to mothers under the age of 18 (2000)
  • A conservative estimate states child abuse costs each Wisconsin family approximately $1,400.00 each year; as opposed to an approximate $1.08 which is spent on child abuse prevention.
  • Reports indicate that 1 in 10 births to a local woman, was to a woman with no high school degree, despite a decline in the trend statewide.

Vision Statement

B.A.B.E.S. Inc. enhances the lives of children and their parents through alleviation, redirection, and support. These endeavors prevent circumstances that negatively impact the development of children and breaks negative family cycles.

Mission Statement

B.A.B.E.S. Inc. is a short-term, no-cost respite program providing stress alleviation for young parents who face possible risk factors impacting the lives of their children, and the stability of the family. B.A.B.E.S. programs are provided regardless of political or religious affiliations, financial status, or ethnicity. B.A.B.E.S. strives to achieve family stability by encouraging self-respect, self-reliance, and self-control.

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B.A.B.E.S., Inc. is a valuable part of the Fox Cities continuum of care.

Our Founder - The Dream Continues and Her Legacy Lives On...

President and Founder, Pastor (Dr.) G. Manns passed away on January 8, 2013. Pastor (Dr.) Manns was also the Founder and Senior Pastor of Appleton Sanctuary Outreach Ministries.

In keeping with the wishes of Pastor Manns, donations may be made to support BABES, an organization dear to Pastor Manns and her family.

Donations can be made by sending a check in any amount payable to "BABES, Inc." with a notation that the donation is made in memory of Pastor Manns. Please mail checks to this address:

1331 E. Wisconsin Avenue
Appleton, WI. 54911

or you may donate online using PayPal (to the right).

All donations made to BABES, Inc., are fully tax-deductible.

Your donations will support and continue Pastor Mann's wishes, dreams and legacy at BABES, Inc. We thank you for your support and concern. Thank you so much for helping us to continue the legacy of Pastor Manns.