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The Angel’s Roll Call

More Than Statistics Change When You Help Us Help!

We need your financial support to continue to support young families, Provide safety for children. We have operated for over 10 years on a bare bones budget, often time foregoing programmatic necessities. We hope you will help us help and continue to provide our Essential Services for the well being of young children.

The Angel’s Roll Call was established in appreciation and recognition of those individuals who have embraced our mission: Alleviation, Redirection and support with their monetary contributions. Statistics show children grow up to become abusers themselves when that is what they experience- abuse B.A.B.E.S., Inc. offers a supportive environment for young parents, for the express purpose of the prevention of child abuse. B.A.B.E.S., Inc provides a safe have for young children and their parents. Sometimes parents need relief and children need an additional nurturing environment, where they can enjoy just being children. We are committed to helping young parents provide safe and stable homes for themselves and options for their children.

We are Asking for your HELP! Child abuse prevention is a matter of dollars and cents! B.A.B.E.S., Inc. Respite & Counseling Services makes good community sense, now you know where to send your community dollars. Become one our supporters.

Maybe you can’t become a member of the Angel’s Roll Call right now – Will you give up one meal at a drive thru restaurant per month? How about 2 specialty coffers or 10 sodas or 1 large pizza? That equals approximately $10- that’s $120 for a year. You may gift it monthly or give it now all at one time; in any case, we are appreciative of what manner you choose to help. Give Now