B.A.B.E.S., Inc.
Respite & Counseling Services
Celebrating 15 years of services


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Pledge Your Support!

B.A.B.E.S. Inc. is an innovating program designed to provide a stress alleviation tool for young parents. Our helping hand represents an easily accessible source of support. In our first year of operation, B.A.B.E.S. provided 316 families with assistance through the help of volunteers and community support. B.A.B.E.S. is a 501c(3), fully tax-deductable, non-profit organization.

B.A.B.E.S. Inc. now has an Endowment Fund. This fund helps to pay general operating expenses, and is administered by the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.

You can give B.A.B.E.S. the support they needs by the following methods:

  • Using PayPal (you can deduct the funds from your PayPal account or a Credit Card. Just click the "donate" button above.
  • By Mail-Click here to print the pledge form.
  • Online Shoppers Earn Cash Back and Help Us! Go to http://www.shop.com/babeshelp
  • Through the Community Foundation - Click here to make a contribution to the B.A.B.E.S. Endowment Fund. Under "Designation", select "other". A text box will appear, type in BABES. Then complete the donation form.

“We Are All Angels With One Wing. We Can Only Fly While Embracing Each Other.”

- Luciano De Crescenze-1928

Will you give up one meal at a drive-thru restaurant per month? How about 2 specialty coffees or 10 sodas or 1 large pizza? That’s one of the options that we are asking you to consider, $10.00 per month for 10 months. A small sacrifice for you, a big difference in the lives of the children served by B.A.B.E.S.!

With just $100.00 B.A.B.E.S. Inc. can...

  • Nurture 1 child for a year.
  • Provide respite for a young family
  • Provide parent education for young moms and dads
  • Provide a safe, secure place for children
So Please Help Us Help!

Send a fully tax-deductible donation of $10.00 on the 18th of each month. Send your support to:

B.A.B.E.S Inc. Respite and Counseling Services
1331 E. Wisconsin Avenue
Appleton, WI 54911

The Big Picture…

Action Center for Compassion rates non-profit organizations on their use of funds and operating policies. Click here to see how B.A.B.E.S. compares to other non-profits in performance.